Meet Peter Jenkins, one of our trusted Mortgage Lenders! Peter is your best contact if you want a mortgage that won’t be sold. Most banks think of your mortgage as a profit center to sell right after your first payment. Working with MetaBank since 2012, he loves working with the only bank that doesn’t sell any mortgages. Peter and MetaBank build the relationship for 30 years not 30 days like many bankers and brokers.

Many of Peter’s clients like working with a bank that remains flexible in a “rules only” environment like Mortgages. Peter and MetaBank have built a reputation in the market that specializes in construction to permanent homes, unique properties (like Shop Houses, Log Cabins, and “Modern Homes”), acreages, and Jumbo loan properties (loans greater than $454,000). They have even been labeled by some as a “premium lender.” Many banks refer business to Peter and MetaBank on deals they can’t get done. We don’t specialize in closing as many loans in a month as possible, but getting the best customers smooth transactions.